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About us


About Meium chocolate

Meium chocolate is produced in Selbu. Our confections are put together to different themes of taste
and experience. We make chocolate menus specially adapted to different types of wine, spirits. beer,
coffee and tea.

Contact information

Meium AS

7584 Selbustrand

Tel: +47 452 26 342


Storage of chocolates
For the customer to be guaranteed a good taste experience, we give instructions on
storing the chocolate which normally has limited shelf life of about 2 months. 
from thedate of manufacture. Dry air, high heat and direct sunlight reduce the
chocolate's palatability in a short time. Storage at normal room temperature with normal
humidity will give you a guaranteed unique taste experience within the durability

Shelf life is indicated on the box.

Instructions for storing confectionery
Confectionery can normally be kept shaded and at room temperature, (about 16-20 C) until
the shelf life. At normal room temperature (approx. 20 ° C), after 2-4 months, the
filling / pineapple in the confectionery pieces will gradually dry out and lose some of
the flavor.

Ideal conditions for storing confectionery in the box are about 40 to 60% humidity and
between 16 and 18 ° C. Storage of chocolates and chocolates in refrigerators can cause
odor and mold formation. Fridge condenses a lot of moisture. Confectionery and chocolate
stored in the refrigerator and freezer should therefore be placed in an airtight package.
For shorter storage of confectionery bags in the refrigerator, it is important to ensure
that the box does not touch the walls where it condenses most moisture. In refrigerators,
confectionery can be stored in airtight packaging beyond the shelf life, but still with
some limited shelf life. Confectionery can be frozen for a long time. To avoid
condensation on the chocolate surface after it has been deep-frozen, there must be less
than 70 c difference between room temperature and the chocolate's surface temperature
when the chocolate is exposed to air.